​​​​​​​​​​​ONGOING PROGRAMS - These programs are multi-session and start at various times throughout the year.  If you are interested in one of our programs, please contact us for the latest start dates:.

The Advanced Spirituality Program Bhavna is the exclusive teacher of this program world-wide. She channels this program from angelic teachings to provide guidance from the angels and the following attunements to increase every individual's personal vibrations:

  •          - Karma Clearing
  •          - Ancestral Clearing
  •          - Negative Mind set Clearing
  •          - Relationship Clearing
  •          - Negative Memories/ Traumas Clearing
  •          - Negative Egos, Curses, Attitudes Clearing
  •          - Matter and Energy Blockages Clearing
  •          - Learn how to be more Positive, Empower and Achieve your Goals in life.
  •          - Understanding in Depth about Chakras and how they affect our lives.
  •          - Spirituality - Understanding your life Purpose and YOU.
  •        - Connection with the Universe, Elements & Angels to help you guide you to achieve your goals in life.The course consists of 10 separate 2 hour sessions, each featuring  a particular subject. The last session will be a mini-overnight retreat.Program fees may be paid in one of two ways:                                                                                                                             Call for Pricing

HealerHeal Thyself Course - This is a 6 part series based on teachings and transmissions from Moses through Bhavna.

Are you already, or transitioning to becoming, a Healer of others?
Do you sometime feel that as a Healer, you need guidance for yourself so that you can offer the best to your clients or those you are working to heal? 
Bhavna will present this intensive series for those people who are looking to expand their healing gifts while creating a new strength within themselves. As directed by Moses, the following topics will be covered:
          - Strength
          - Courage
          - Stability
          - Balance
          - Belief
          - Faith
Each class will have teachings and transmissions from Moses as he has never disclosed before. The class meets 6 times, every other week for a total of 12 weeks time span.

A deposit of $500 is due at registration and the remainder may be paid in one of the following options:     Call for Pricing                              

Transforming Your Life - Bhavna shares her knowledge and understanding as directed by Mahatma Gandhi in this intensive and transformational program.  She guides participants to self-discovery of each individual’s life purpose by “Connecting to Your Core Self” and using Gandhi's directive of ,“Simple Life and Simple Living”

This is a 2 month course, meeting weekly as a group for 1 hour including 40 minutes of instruction and 20 minutes of Transmissions from Gandhi.
There will also be a group phone conference at the end of each week to explore how the teachings are helping in each student’s transformation.
Program Fee: $500 due at registration $2000.00                                                                                                                

Disclaimer: These classes are not a replacement for traditional medicine. It is a complementary healing therapy. Please always check with your doctor before changing or stopping your medications.
IMP Notice - Once paid Prices are Non- refundable but you have 1Year to reschedule an appointment.
Cancellations policy - 24 hr notice for cancellation or pay $35

Classes & Workshops

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