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Functional Medicine

Dr. Jennifer Kilgore, ND  is a Licensed Naturopathic Physician, Certified Ozone Therapist, Certified Trainer in Comprehensive Pain Management, Certified Kripalu Yoga Teacher & President and Medical Director of Kiltaya Natural Medicine, Inc.  She specializes in health and supports recovery from chronic disease and chronic pain. She takes a comprehensive approach in order to offer patients a new result. Dr. Kilgore helps individuals and families take charge of their health.

 "People with functional pain or disease are being told by their healthcare providers that there is nothing wrong, there are no answers, and the condition may continue or become worse. This can be devastating and exhausting to understand and even harder to find clear direction for ongoing care.While we cannot change the history of trauma or stress in the body and we can't change the genetics, we can change how the body adapts and reacts to the history, we can change the epigenetics.
Our dedication to getting a new result using naturopathic medicine, advanced manual and injection therapies sets us apart as a functional medical clinic. We do not offer one more version of the same basic A plus B equals C you find at many clinics devoted to excellence in standard medical or standard naturopathic care."

Dr. Kilgore is currently working on a Masters in Business Operations as well as a Certification in Visceral Manipulation and Holistic Counseling. Her background is in biochemistry, pediatric oncology/research, environmental medicine, spinal hygiene and building a foundation for health. Dr. Jen has thousands of hours of continuing education and Preceptorship working with advanced techniques in modern medicine including regenerative injection and ozone therapies to promote more complete healing.

Graduating from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Arizona Jen had strong focus and additional training in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Environmental Medicine, and Comprehensive Pain Management. She holds several certifications including Ozone Therapy, Advanced Regenerative & Proliferative Injection Therapies, IV Chelation, Comprehensive Pain Management, and Kripalu Yoga.
She loves doing anything outdoors…hiking, biking, kayaking, and yoga. She also practices daily meditation and feels driven to continue learning and growing in her practice of life.