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Disclaimer - These classes are not a replacement for traditional medicine. It is a complementary healing therapy. Please always check with your doctor before changing or stopping your medications.
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Linda Marcus

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Linda Marcus. LMT has been working as a Massage therapist for 12 years! She received her license from the Muscular Therapy Institute in Cambridge. Linda is an expert in her field at assessing and treating varying degrees of injury and health related issues through a wide range of ages, medical histories and types of injuries. She spent 4 years working in a chiropractic office, so she has a very solid understanding of medications, treatments and contraindications associated with many different types of illness and injury related to the body. She is an expert in Deep Tissue, Swedish, Myofascial and Trigger Point Massage, as well as Pregnancy, Chair, Abdominal Massages and Reiki. The key to her amazing sessions is her holistic and blended approach. Linda combines different bodywork modalities to create custom sessions that are based on the needs of each individual client.


Kimberly Curtis, LMT is as graduate of New Hampshire Institute for Therapeutic Arts, located in Hudson, NH.  (2011) She is Board Certified, and a MA Licensed Massage Therapist. She is very compassionate and wants nothing more than to help people become healthier and at their very optimum health. She brings in-depth knowledge and skill to the massage table. She invests in continuing education courses for the benefit of her customers and maintains the requirements of being Board Certified through the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork.    

Some of the sessions she offers are in Deep tissue, Craniosacral Therapy, Sports Massage, Cupping and Maternity Massage.  Clients re-book with Kimberly because they feel listened to and cared for. Customers report they can tell Kimberly cares about their experience and in their lives beyond the massage treatment session. body health.   She is recognized and appreciated for her proficiency, skill and special ability to connect with all ages, including (ages 5 and up) through Massage and Craniosacral work.

Dave Antya. LMT is a board-certified massage therapist and the founder of Body Stress Solutions and co-owner of Kiltaya Natural Medicine with Dr. Jennifer Kilgore. Dave graduated as valedictorian of his class at Bancroft School of Massage Therapy in 2003. Dave specializes in advanced deep tissue massage and Craniosacral therapy. While nurturing his clients with a calming and relaxing environment, his clinical approach provides a well-rounded healing experience. Dave provides individualized treatments for his clientele, allowing them to benefit in many ways physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Dave enjoys the freedom to co-create a personalized healing experience for another person while, at the same time, provide a service with legitimate medical benefits.