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Bhavna Srivastava is the Founder and Owner of Bhavna's Wellness Group and isThe Divine Feminine Golden Light (nurturer,caretaker, empowerer and healer), Reiki Master, Women Entrepreneurs Mastermind Group Leader, NLP Practitioner, Life Mentor and Coach, Teacher, Certified Community Health Worker and Certified Patient Navigator (Livestrong Training for Cancer). She holds a BA with Honors and an MBA from NYU, allowing for her to bring her experience and education to her Group Practice.

Her calling in life is to provide healing (both spiritual and physical) to those who are suffering from an illness or looking for a way to move forward because they feel "stuck" or unsatisfied with the direction their life is heading.  She provides individual sessions with clients in addition to channeling and teaching classes on Spiritual Growth and Development.  Her latest class, "Healer Heal Thyself" was created to provide other healers with the channeled wisdom from Moses to assist them by receiving healing in order to better serve others.

Additionally, Bhavna performs speaking engagements o various Spiritual and Wellness subjects to both the public and private sector.  In the last year, she has presented at the following: The Revolution of Consciousness held by Natural Living Magazine, The Natural Living Expo in Marlboro, MA, The Mega Health & Wellness Expo sponsored by INE, Internalional Yoga Day Event in Lexington, MA to mention a few.  She is always happy to provide her speaking and meditation guidance skills to non-profit organizations and local groups.  Please contact us to see about booking Bhavna as a presenter for your organization. 508 970 5620

Bhavna also creates Wellness & Spiritual Retreats that provide intensive meditation, energy connection and classes for those who want to experience some of the most spiritual sites in the world. She designs these retreats to provide for the mind, body and spirit of each participant. She is currently enrolling for her 2017 Retreats in India and Scotland and plans for additional trips in late 2017/early 2018 both international and here in the US.  If you would like to learn more about upcoming retreats, click on the button :

The Golden Light is:

- Creating Balance & Bringing in the Divine Feminine Energies 

- Chantings & Meditation

- Expanding ,Opening and Shifting your Consciousness

- Raising your Vibration with Planet Earth & The Universe

- Golden light connection to bring Love and Peace inside YOU.

- You are initiated to bring  Love and Peace on Earth.

"Bhavna brings light and energy into my world. She was able to clear away my negative energy and fill me with continuous positive light. I have been able to manifest more and move forward personally and professionally with her support."

~Nancy D.

About Bhavna...

Experience a quick meditation that Bhavna has created to bring calm and clarity to your mind.